Itching to get on Some Mountains

This blog is ostensibly about climbing, as well as more activisty stuff, because one day I’m going to stop caring about the world and go and be a climber bum, because climbing and related activities are my passion.

Anyway, we’re currently planning a holiday to the Alps in August, about which I’m as excited as a kid with an advent calendar. In the meantime, I’d like to get outdoors in the UK, but the weather is awful, so am currently pretty much confined to climbing gyms.

Here’s me lead climbing a short 5+ route in the Castle in London. It’s quite overhangy and there’s a bit where one almost has to “cut loose” (i.e. cast off with feet and hang on the arms), above my protection which would make a fall “interesting”.

My style could be cleaner in places, but I think it’s fairly tidy, and so am quite happy with this. I’m finding watching it useful though because it’s giving me pointers as to what I need to tighten up.

Anyway, enjoy – I had fun climbing it. I’m only allowed to use the yellow ones.

2 thoughts on “Itching to get on Some Mountains

  1. Congratulations on the 5+ and on all your campaigning. Do you know if there is any network for Transfriendly climbing partners?

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